10 Best Epidemic Sound Songs for YouTube Travel Vloggers

If you’re a YouTube or other content creator who needs music for your travel vlog, check out this list of hot travel tracks from Epidemic Sound! We believe that these are the best songs for travel vloggers.

Track List

00:00 “Anywhere” (Instrumental Version) by Joachim Nilsson

02:02 “Everything Must End” (oomiee Remix) by Lyvi

04:06 “Tropic Fun” by Maiwan

07:25 “Shlow Motion Pt. 2” by oomiee

10:06 “Dress Code Black 2” by Niklas Ahlström

12:42 “Win The Day” by Quesa

16:09 “Starfields” by Hallman

18:48 “Perfect Start” by Mefree

21:46 “Pulling Me Back” by Hallman

24:33 “Made To Be Free” by Ray